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ARM Academy is the learning and development division of the ARM Group, established with the mandate to create, retain, and transfer knowledge across the group.

Our Mission

We will offer world class learning solutions as a source of competitive advantage.

Our Vision

To consistently elevate the competency level of ARM and set the firm as the employer of choice.

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Agribusiness for Sustainability & Prosperity Webinar

ARM Academy in conjunction with Chalhoub Consultancy presents the

ARM Ambassador Program (AAP) | Nigeria

AAP was developed to promote staff engagement across all

ARM Young Talent Programme (AYTP) | Nigeria

The ARM Young Talent Programme (AYTP) is designed to

Deji Alli ARM Young Talent Award (DAAYTA) | Nigeria

The Deji Alli ARM Young Talent Award is an

Financial Analyst Training Program (FATP) | Nigeria

Financial Analyst Training Program (FATP) provides participants with a

Selling To Achieve Results (STARs)

This course is primarily designed to help delegates re-evaluate

Change Management Program (CMP)

This program is developed to give participants the knowledge,

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