Financial Analyst Training Program (FATP) | Nigeria

Financial Analyst Training Program (FATP) provides participants with a solid foundation of best practices tools and techniques related to financial and investment analysis. The training covers investment analytics from equity and fixed income perspectives.

Course Objective

Learning objectives of the Financial Analyst Training Program (FATP) for Nigeria include:

  • Understand the competitive forces that shape the profitability of an industry 
  • Identify and integrate the key business drivers into forecasting 
  • Identify and apply various valuation methods to value companies 
  • Learn Logic and Structure principles for effective and convincing writing 
  • Apply a structured approach to Corporate credit assessment and assess its creditworthiness 
  • Real time learning on credit analysis with all real-life cases/live examples 
  • Orientation on analytical tools to analyses and monitor performance of company bonds/loans
  • Measure various risk factors, their impact and interrelationships 
  • Interpret and Analyze company cash flow to assess debt service capability

Target Audience

Financial Analyst Training Program (FATP) for Nigeria is targeted at the following audience

  • Equity Analysts
  • Credit Analysts
  • Aspirants in the capital markets
  • Asset managers
  • Investment Bankers
  • Research Analysts
  • Investors in financial markets
  • as well professionals in the Financial Services Industry.


External Program | CPDSO Accredited


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