Steve Jobs’ Last Six Words

Steve Jobs’ Last Six Words

The final words of Steve Jobs, according to his sister, were these:

“Oh wow. Oh wow. Oh wow.”

When I read them the other day, I was moved. And reminded of the staggering preciousness of life. I believe you have a call on your life to make the world better. Period. No excuses. No escapes. No postponements.

Dear friend, I also believe you have sleeping potentials that you’ve never unleashed. I believe that your fears can be fuel for greater success. I believe your past has no power over your future. I believe your life can rise to magical, if you begin to make a few simple NEW CHOICES.

As we begin a fresh year, even if its the third month already, I pray you don’t run 2016 in a way that makes it a clone of 2015. I hope you find some quiet time to connect with your childhood dreams, access your heroic nature and remember that even the longest life is a pretty short ride.

You owe this reflection to yourself — and those who love and admire you.

Today is a blessing, overflowing with opportunity. To take a risk you’ve never taken. To think the visions you’ve never envisioned. To give the love you’ve never given. And to make a stand for a better way of living.

You need to be strong this year! The world needs you at your best. We all want you to fly.

With love + respect

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