Our Vision

To consistently elevate the competency level of ARM and set the firm as the employer of choice.



Our Mission

We will offer world class learning solutions as a source of competitive advantage


Our broad objectives are:

  1. Use learning and development to enhance and support new strategies: – Drive corporate strategies  – Drive innovation and quality in all areas
  2. Develop talent and leadership: – Develop leadership potential, soft skills, specific business skills, mentorship, measure learning levels and gaps and build lifelong learning capacity
  3. Enhance and sustain the ARM culture: – Promote corporate values and culture, enable networking and bonding
  4. Improve engagement through learning and development


Our Structure

Overseeing the activities of the ARM Academy is the Advisory Board and next to the Advisory Board is the Managing Director of ARM Academy who is also referred to as the Chief Learning Officer (CLO).

The ARM Academy interfaces with the Human Capital Management team as a key stakeholder.

On the team with the Managing Director/Chief Learning Officer of ARM Academy are the Faculty and Knowledge Manager, Learning Management System (LMS) / eLearning Officer, the Research Officer, the Training Operations Officer, and the External Faculty,  Our operations cover our Pensions, Construction and Real Estate, Infrastructure, Agribusiness, Trustees, Securities, Financial Advisory and the ARM group at large.

The objectives of the Internal Faculty and External Faculty Alliances are as follows:

The internal faculty which made up of skilled staff within the ARM Group who are chosen to facilitate key foundational and business programmes making use of real life case studies from ARMs history. Functions of the faculty include:

  • ARM Orientation Programme
  • ARM New in-take Programme
  • ARM Risk Management Workshop
  • Development of ARM specific programmes and case studies

The internal faculty leverages in-house expertise and ARM’s online training platform while the external faculty proposes alliances with business schools and training bodies identified to provide customised and/or specialist training courses in core technical fields and leadership development.

Courses include:

  • Advanced Financial Modeling
  • Bonds & Fixed Income
  • Marketing and Relationship Management
  • Insurance and Finance
  • Middle/Senior Development Management Programmes

We partner with top business schools and trusted local/international training bodies and individuals who are SMEs in various disciplines.