About ARM Academy

ARM Academy is the learning and development division of the ARM Group, established with the mandate to create, retain, and transfer knowledge across the group.


History of ARM Academy

The ultimate goal for organisations is to become what HR development practitioners term “A Learning Organisation” which implies that the firm has recognized the need to pay special attention to the learning potential of its employees, contributing to its sustainable competitive advantage. The establishment of corporate training institutes has increasingly become the way to achieve this goal.

The concept of the ARM training centre (aka The ARM Academy) was structured around ARMs HCM team and designed to run as a part of the teams learning and training initiatives. In 2012, the team incorporated a competency development framework across the group and identified tailor- made training programmes for all professional levels. In partnership with a renowned research institute, ARMs flagship new in-take programme was also organised to expose new entry level/junior level staff to the intricacies of working in the financial industry. These two initiatives marked the beginning of strategic learning in ARM.
Based on the outcome of the competency framework, and the need to consolidate and customise our learning activities, it became clear that the training centre should run as a separate business entity leveraging on our internal expertise and partnering with top business schools.

By 2014, after presenting a business plan and a proposed budget, the section of the groups HCM team responsible for learning and development was broken out to form the foundation structure of the ARM Academy.


The evolution of ARM Academy

Prior to 2007, training was conducted by management staff on a need basis managed by HCM. However, as demands for learning and development needs increased, the need to establish an independent unit to manage the learning and development in the organisation became inevitable. This development led to the establishment of the ARM Academy.