Click Login from the home page. In the fields provided, just enter your work email address (typed in full) and your password (system password) and click ‘Login’. After this, because you are just logging in for the first time, you will be prompted to enter more details about yourself e.g. your First Name and Last Name. Try not to type a new password other than your existing one (so as to retain it). To enter more details about yourself e.g. your department, your preferred profile Photo/Image, your Mobile number etc, click ‘Edit Profile’ at the top left of the page. After you complete all, an automatic ‘Welcome Email’ will be sent to your email.
It is possible you have entered a wrong, incomplete email address, AND/OR a wrong password. Re-check to ensure you are entering the correct details. Also check to ensure your CAPS LOCK key is off. A sample login email can be: [email protected] Click ‘I forgot my password’ if you can’t remember your password. You will be prompted to re-enter your email address where a RESET password will be automatically mailed to.
Should you need to change any of your personal details, such as First Name, Last Name, Telephone, Email address, etc. associated with your profile on the ARM Academy platform, you can login and click ‘Edit Profile’ at the top left of the page.
On mobile devices such as Smart Phones, Tablets, iPads etc. Note: If you are using an iPad, it will be necessary you download the ‘Articulate App’ from the Apple Store. This app makes viewing and navigating courses possible on the iPad. Refer to the last page of this document.
Minimum system requirements for accessing ARM Academy Elearning courses are: Internet access (works on all speeds, although the faster the better), Google Chrome Browser (recommended), Audio enabled PC, and an Ear phone/Speaker. You can carry out a ‘LMS Compatibility System/PC Check’ by clicking the link: Type your Name, your Email and [email protected] as the Recipient email address (where the Report will be sent to).
You can carry out a ‘LMS Compatibility System/PC Check’ by clicking the link: Type your Name, your Email and [email protected] as the Recipient email address (where the Report will be sent to). Once we get this, we will send you a mail if your PC requires any attention.
To enlarge/reduce the page size/course you can: Zoom in (enlarge): Press Ctrl and + Zoom out (reduce): Press Ctrl and – Reset (Original size): You can also look for Zoom option under the menus of your Web Browser. You can also look out for a button that can switch the course window into a Full Screen Display. This display size is recommended for better focus and effective learning time.
Once you have logged into the ARM Academy eLearning platform, you should see a course or a list of courses scheduled for you. Right in front of each one of them is a percentage box icon that tracks your progress on the course. It is initially 0% and keeps increasing e.g. when you attend the course halfway to continue at another time. When you finally complete a course, the 0% is changed to either 100% or a round green tick icon symbolizing Done/Completed. To start a course, simply click on the course title for example – ‘Introduction to Risk Management. It opens another page where you see ‘Start Lesson’
Be sure you are checking within the course availability date period. If you come before the start date or after the course expiry date, you will definitely not see the course(s) displayed. In this situation, contact us via email or phone. (Extension: 133/287)
Adobe Flash Player Error: ‘The application requires Adobe’s Flash player, running at least version 8. It seems your browser does not have this at the moment. Please download the latest Adobe Flash Player. If you still get this message, then your browser is stopping the scripts on this page from running” What do you do? Contact your IT Department. This simply means your browser needs an updated flash player to work.
Press PrtScn, located on the upper right of the keyboard. Go into any application e.g. your Email compose window (HTML) or a Microsoft Word document, press Ctrl+V or click Paste. You may be requested to do this in the efforts of troubleshoot/finding solution to a problem you’re experiencing on the system/platform