The changing face of learning has necessitated the need for various innovative learning techniques and Learning Management Systems (LMS) is one of such advancement taking education and learning generally to the next level. Here at ARM, our Learning Management System will act as a supplement to all our learning interventions.

The ARM Academy Learning Management System is our newly developed e-learning portal for deploying selected training courses, facilitating staff interaction and for obtaining general knowledge about the business of ARM; it is our Resource Centre. Blended with the existing forms of training usually scheduled on the yearly Training Calendar, our people will now have access to additional courses, topics/subjects, at their own pace and convenience, and hence improve themselves and also their performance on the job.
The platform will be accessible anytime, anywhere, within and outside the Office via a PC (Desktop/Laptop) or any Mobile device such as a Smart Phone, iPad, Tablets etc.


Benefits of the LMS

  1. It can be accessed anywhere, anytime and this means Students can learn on-the-move;
  2. The platform is accessible on multiple devices e.g. Desktop PC, Laptop, Smart Phones, iPads, Tabs etc
  3. Course progress tracking system that gives Students the benefit of continuing their course from the exact point they stopped, even if it is on a different learning device, on a different date;
  4. Students can collaborate, and exchange opinions about courses, lessons, topics etc;
  5. Students can attend not only compulsory courses but also free and open courses addressing their different learning needs;
  6. It’s a platform to find important and relevant materials and resources on different subjects quickly
  7. The platform comes with privacy and security capabilities that ensures Student profile information are secured and safe;
  8. Students have access to various categories of online courses ranging from job-specific to Soft skills, Personal Development, Compliance, Leadership, Life style etc;
  9. The platform is designed with so much flexibility, hence Students can navigate without issues;
  10. Recognition for achievements! Students have the option to print Certificates after attending our eLearning courses for their ‘personal growth and learning file
  11. Unlimited revisits! Student can revisit the platform to refresh their knowledge about courses and resources anytime;
  12. Courses are available in different formats e.g. interactive multimedia (with Sounds, Animations etc), viewable PowerPoint Presentations, PDFs, Videos, Audios etc.


Formats of our LMS Training Courses

  • Interactive multimedia (with sounds, voiceover, animations etc) (see requirements)
  • Viewable PowerPoint Presentations, Word documents etc  (see requirements)
  • Viewable PDFs  (see requirements)
  • Videos  (see requirements)
  • Audios  (see requirements)

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